Update Avalanche

Reunion plans are rolling!
A lot has happened since my first email Thursday night, and I wanted to bring you up to date — mainly, the dates are set: Friday, October 19, 2007 thru Sunday October 21, 2007, with the main 25 Year Class Reunion party set for Saturday night, October 20, 2007.

By the way, I checked the essentials for that time of year…. FHC’s Homecoming Football game is that Friday night vs. Northview — obviously appropriate — and on Saturday, Michigan State football plays away at Ohio State at 3:30pm. Michigan football plays away at Illinois on Saturday as well, with an 8:00pm scheduled kickoff.)

Next — the Class email count is growing, currently at 60, and included here. I’ve sent emails via www.Classmates.com to an additional 48 people not on this list, notifying them of the reunion, with a request to forward personal email addresses so we can include them in future emails like this one. Next week, I’m expecting a callback from Linda Vanderjagt at FHC, who will help additionally. The FHC Directory (2006) by Harris Connect, also has many email addresses — they just need to be sifted through, as the book lists every graduate since 1961 — and unfortunately they’re alphabetical and in the thousands, and not by class. Tedious, but it could provide several emails.

I suspect within the next two weeks, we’ll have the majority of the class connected. Any emails you have for classmates not in this distribution, please forward to myself or Karl Baltutat as soon as possible. It will be a great help!

Speaking of Karl, he’s done a great job contacting classmates through email, phone, and word of mouth. He’s also offered to look into putting together a dedicated FHC Class of ’82 web site, in addition to what we’ve had on www.Classmates.com for a few years now. It would be more personal, and contain everything from contact information to future reunion announcements, photos, and the like. The power of technology and a lot of work — Karl lives in Phoenix, and we thank him for his efforts. If anyone else has a line on quality web site design and hosting, let us know.

Thanks also go out to everyone that sent email addresses over the last two days, including Jenny Pullen, Debi Kamp, as well as Torii Marsh Morgan, Kim Kotrch Gorman, Marion Kish Mikula, and Lori Post, who updated their emails already through Classmates.com

Regarding the reunion itself, a huge thanks to Dave Murray. Dave has arranged two major parts of the reunion. First, he reserved bleacher seats for all of us at the FHC vs. Northview Homecoming game Friday night, which are a high-demand commodity these days, and not an easy task to pull off. The games are a great time during these reunions. In addition, Dave also reserved space for us at Cascade Park on Saturday, while arranging at the same time to have the chef from Egypt Valley Country Club on hand for a pig roast and family picnic. This provides a great opportunity for everyone to bring their families and enjoy great company, great food, and what I’m sure will be a perfect Midwest Fall afternoon. Dave, thank you.

Further thanks to Al Supp for his “perennial inspirations,” and suggestion of perhaps a Professional Skip day — perhaps to Westerhuis’ cottage again, as on Skip Day 1982? — for a summer planning meeting.

Thanks also to Andy Thorpe for providing a nice ticket price assessment, which we’re trying to keep to a minimum while providing maximum fun and activities throughout the weekend. Tentative ticket prices will be $35.00 (payable by cash, check, or credit card) to cover expenses for reunion catering, DJ music, draught beer, cash bar, and facility rental, among other things.Speaking of the facility for Saturday night’s event, I’d like to book a place that is unique, and, for lack of a better word, “cool” as always. We’ve always held reunions at great locations — the Amway Ambassador Ballroom, the Harley Hotel, Cannonsburg’s Cedar Lounge, and Watermark CC. This year, I’d like to add to our list a place that can host 100 people, with bar facilities, an area for a DJ, and preferably on-site catering.

I’m thinking of a place like a restaurant wine room, an art gallery, another country club, a room/restaurant at the BOB, or a place like the Blue Water Grille overlooking water. Or, as Jeff Washburn mentioned, maybe just a big red barn with a well-stocked hayloft, a sturdy dance floor and a darn good country band. (He was kidding, but it does have possibilities…!) Let me know if you have ideas, connections, or anything you’d like to suggest. It’s been awhile since I’ve spent time in Grand Rapids or environs … I know the landscape has changed dramatically.

That’s it for now. Update your address books with the email addresses above. I’ll keep updating the list as we go. A lot of progress has been made in just a few short days, and prior to Memorial Day at that. Thanks to all !

(And by the way, no baby number three yet … I may get yet another good night sleep under the belt before Junior / Juniorette arrives…!)

Take care — talk to you soon.

Timothy Jon Jackoboice
Cactus Capital Holdings LLC
8799 Muirfield Drive,
Naples, FL 34109

239-293-7336 Cell  
239-591-3844 Main  
239-591-8702 Fax


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