This is just a short email, sending you the Reunion Committee List I mentioned yesterday. I’m being redundant by repeatedly thanking you, but the involvement and support for this Reunion has been amazing. In less than two weeks, we’ve nailed down every area of this Reunion except two, confirmed all dates, and booked locations. So, thank you … again. Great work, and it’s been great working with you. 

If you’d like to offer help in either of the remaining two areas, let me know. If not, we’ll still get it done … we just want you on board! 

The first area still open is the Saturday Night Decorations and Extras (balloons, banners, trivia, lists … or anything you think of.) This has great creative license, and can be as much — or as tastefully little — as you deem appropriate. 

The other area still open is the new addition — the Sunday Reunion Brunch. Perhaps we could have it from 11:00am-1:00pm Sunday at the Thornapple Village Inn in Ada — as the Class of ’77 recently did for their 30th Reunion — or at Noto’s or Charley’s Crab downtown, as Debi Kamp has suggested. Other ideas are Rose’s, the Blue Water Grill, or the Spinnaker. 

That’s it for this email.

REUNION COMMITTEE LIST: Click on this Link, or the “REUNION COMMITTEE” Tab at Top of this Page


Tim Jackoboice.
Class President, ’79 – ’82
Most Balding, ’78 – ’07
Still Having Kids, ’07

8799 Muirfield Drive, Naples, FL 34109
239-293-7336 Cell   239-591-3844 Main   239-591-8702 Fax


One response to “Committees

  1. Deb (Fase) Maclam

    I am friend with the Noto family & I feel comfortable asking about a discount & passing the information to you.


    Please note: If I know that someone is somewhat stuggling, then I would have a problem asking a friend(s) for a discount. (trilogy). If the opportunity presents itself, I will update you.

    I love these guys & they have four children.
    Thanks for your understanding.

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