Where Are You Now?

Our Reunion Schedule is now officially listed on the Forest Hills Public Schools website – at http://www.fhps.k12.mi.us/Alumni.htm — in addition to the site www.Classmates.com – and will appear in future issues of Forest Hills Public Schools’ “Focus.”

The Missing Classmates has been cross-referenced with our 20th Reunion database, 2006 Harris Connect Directory, and spreadsheets I received from FHPS today. We have 110+ current emails to date, but still need emails for classmates listed. Please take a second, and see if there’s anyone on the list in for whom you have information. For those classmates we don’t receive emails for, we’ll begin the process of contacting each one individually, by phone and regular mail, in the next few weeks.  

And just for fun … the two people who send in the most current emails for classmates listed below, will receive bubbles in October (no cheap champagne, either!) It should only take a few valid emails to win that prized bottle…. 

Also, a note from classmate Jeb Murphy, who asked me to send along the following: “Jeb Murphy sends his regards and apologizes for spamming the FHC class of ’82. He captured your email inadvertently and has removed them from his subscriber list.”  More to follow, as always. 

Tim Jackoboice.
Class President, ’79 – ’82
Most Balding, ’87 – ’07
Still Having Kids, ’07


One response to “Where Are You Now?

  1. Jocelyn Dailey-Brophy

    Hey — sorry I can’t make it. Tim, looks like things are really coming together for you on this killer party. Just a shout from down in Punta Gorda, FL. I wish everyone the best!! xoxox

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