A Site is Born

A few years thinking about it, countless ideas of what it could become, a rather long weekend, and now … welcome to the official Forest Hills Central Class of 1982 Web Site!

Recently emerging from the hypnotic world of blogs, posts, widgets, code, content, and tweaks, forgive me if I’m punch-drunk. I actually feel ten years younger – technologically only, of course – as I can now converse with teenagers having learned that a “widget” is a real thing, a “blogroll” can take you to interesting places, and “HTML code” is still pretty tricky … but at least I know what they are and what they do, from building this site.

Originally venturing into this project out of curiosity from an idea Paul Moore sent, one thing led to another late Saturday night and hour after hour into Sunday night, and the site grew incessantly like that ever-growing Blob from the 1950’s classic.

My intent was to build a website to reduce the length and redundancy of class-wide emails I was sending, and build a portal upon which several lists and items could be permanently posted – along with a simple and private way to update our personal contact information, anytime it changes. That’s all here today, and will remain so for years to come.

The site offers everything Reunion-related, as well as links to other sites, photos, a class Memoriam … even the current weather at FHC field, for what it’s worth. Also introduced for the first time is a new “Revenue Project” and “Green and White Club” which I invite you to look at and consider. We could use any help you’re able to provide … every bit helps.

Take a look around the site … get a feel for it … and leave any comments, suggestions and ideas throughout as you wish. Note that all comments are moderated, and your contact information will never be posted publicly. Your information is held in confidence, for the sole use of updating and informing you about future reunions, gatherings, and news.

Welcome again to the Forest Hills Central Class of 1982 Reunion Web Site – the place for past memories and future plans … presented in the technology of today!

Tim Jackoboice
Class President ’79-’82
Most Balding ’87-’07
Still Having Kids ’07


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