Zero to 90

It’s been less than a month since this Reunion team took the reigns and has run a white-knuckled, zero-to-90 organizing sprint. We’ve gotten loads accomplished in a short time … and are having a great time doing it. The old saying “getting there is half the fun,” applies. While it’s been work, it’s also been fun reuniting and working with everyone.

— Madman Karl
— 154 Current!
— 5 Class Sponsors, 2 Class Donors
— 1,588 Website Hit Barrage
— All Dates, Events and Locations locked!

Madman Karl
I’ve sent many thank you’s in past emails and “blogs” (can’t get used to that word) and this one isn’t lacking gratitude, either. First and foremost, Karl Baltutat has been nothing short of a madman lighting up phones and emails all over the country. Armed with nothing more than a 10-year-old FHC contact list and Google, I believe Karl has called everyone — and their brothers — on the Missing List twice. He’s updated countless addresses and phones, and reigned in 29 current email addresses. I also can’t thank him enough for almost daily communication between Phoenix and Naples.

154 Current!
In addition, 13 more of you have done a fantastic job digging out 24 additional emails, bringing our classmates accounted for with emails, to a total of 154 (60.9% of our class.) The remainder include people who don’t have emails, haven’t been found yet, and some who might not want to be found….! The entire group to thank resides on the Bubbly Contest page, and a special appreciation also goes out to Christine Uecker, who in addition to the emails she sent in, provided 26 physical addresses and phones, as well as two new Class Sponsors. Thanks, Christine!

Please, also take a look at the now-much-shorter Missing List, and see if there’s anyone still on it, for whom you might have email information.

5 Class Sponsors, 2 Class Donors
I’m excited to welcome five new Class Sponsors and two new Class Donors, making the first week of the Revenue Project a success. They can all be found on the corresponding pages of this web site, and are listed here. Please try to support them, as they have begun to generously support us:

Class Sponsors
Alan Supp, 1st Vice President – Investments, UBS Financial (616) 732.1263 (Alan Supp)
Erv McLauchlan Memorial 10K Walk/Run, July 21, 2007 (Suzanne McLauchlan and the Hess Lake Improvement Association)
Geldart’s Accelerated Hockey Solutions (Christine Uecker)
GWI Engineering (Christine Uecker)
Property Pulse LLC (yours truly)

Class Donors
Karl Baltutat
(yours truly)

We welcome everyone to participate in this. Whether you have a service or product you’d like known, or want to donate privately or send “compliments of” or “dedicated to” ad donations, every contribution helps. All packages are detailed under the Revenue Project page. All ad links, web links, and advertisements/messages will run live on this website for 5 years, and will be listed in the Class Bio Books, free to all this year.

1,588 Website Hit Barrage
While still in its infancy of only a week (slightly younger than the newborn I hear crying in the background), it’s been an incredible tool to work with, and has seen a great deal of interest …. 1,588 web page hits in its first week alone. The Class of ’82 never lacked spirit … this proves it once again. And while I’m still seeing HTML Code in my dreams, the site is a great information and organizing tool, and will be for years to come.

All Dates, Events and Locations locked!
Last but not least, the final two locations of the Reunion weekend have been firmed up. Barb Manus’ brother has connections with the owner of the Cascade Sports Grill, which seems a perfect spot for everyone to gather after the football game Friday, October 19. Drink and food specials are forthcoming, and while they have enough room, what’s more concerning is whether they have enough waitstaff and bartenders to handle us! (just kidding … that’s confirmed, too.) I thank Barb for stopping by and talking with them, and also for confirming our reservations at Cascade Park for the Saturday Family Picnic and Pig Roast headed up by Dave Murray.

The Thornapple Daily Grill in Ada has also agreed to open its doors on Sunday, October 21, allowing us to have a private party and special Sunday Brunch, all to ourselves. In talking with General Manager Kevin Vos, they have a great menu, great location … and no one to bump into that won’t be a fellow grad. The brunch comes highly recommended!

Additionally, Dave Southwell continues to crank out details for the main event at Kent Country Club Saturday night, including food, drink, and entertainment, which hopefully Class Sponsor and Donor contributions will afford us the luxury to book a live band. Thanks, Dave, for all your work, ideas, and sponsorship on this. Great job, and it’s been fun working with you.

More to come — thank you all again — more progress reports to come. I look forward to seeing you all for a great time and a great reunion in the Fall.

Tim Jackoboice.


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