Name that Band

They “rocked us” at nearly every high school dance we ever booked. One of their signature tunes was “Ridin’ the Storm Out.” They’re still alive, healthy, and together after 25 years … and are now booked for October 20, 2007, at our 25th Class Reunion! 

Trilogy is back … we’re glad to have them part of our ever-growing Reunion weekend!

Reunion updates – July 16, 2007

Class Donors are really helping. With big ticket items like a live band this Reunion, every donation and Ad Sponsor helps tremendously. A big thanks to our most recent Donors, Kevin and Lynda (Duff) Gring, who donated $50.00 to the Class last week, joining three others who were previously inducted into the exclusive Green and White Club! Thanks Kevin and Lynda!

Class Sponsors are also growing, with the addition of Lou Brown Cards Inc and Manus Realtors Inc, we’re now up to 7 Sponsors total. You can see all their information, ads, links, and websites throughout our Class website, on the Class Sponsors page, and in the upcoming Bio Books. Thanks again, Lou and Barb!

Memorial Outing. Regarding Class Sponsors, it’s not too late to participate in the Erv McLauchlan Memorial 10K Walk/Run at Hess Lake on July 21, 2007. All proceeds will benefit Colon Cancer Research & Awareness. Please click on the link, or contact Alexis Mick at (231) 282-0581 for more information. This event is a fantastic time, and a great tribute in remembrance of our classmate Erv.

Contacts. 64 invitations were recently mailed to physical addresses of classmates we don’t have emails for yet. 17 were “Returned to Sender,” 44 were delivered (or still floating out there), and 3 hit their mark, as we received contact information from Mark Schurtz, Todd DeGreen, and Angela (Roggenbuck) Corson. Angela has offered help on behalf of her company, Superior Seafoods, and may be able to donate to the Reunion in several ways. Thanks in advance, Angela!

Counts. We’re currently up to 65.1% of classmates with email addresses only, and 84.8% of classmates with emails and/or physical addresses. Our Class website “hits” since inception (five weeks ago) stands at 3,036 as of this writing. Classmates we have absolutely no current information for are:

Anderson, Stephen
Bliss, Pat
Bloom, Julie
Conklin, Todd
Deater, Dave
Dilly, Rex
Engel, Eric
Evans, John
Fak, Tania
Fase, Beth
Fase, Deb
Goers, Robert
Hansen, Kim
Hipp, Karl
Jensen, Andy
Johnson, Michael
Jones, Sandra
Kosher, Connie
Kunelis, Paula
Laansma, Donna
McIntyre, Doug
McSorley, Sean
Moerland, Connie
Molander, Todd
Morrison, Brad
O’Green, Cheryl
Rasche, Bryan
Richardson, Bill
Schecter, Dave
Sechrest, Jerry
Smith, Craig
Smith, Kari
Sullivan, Susie
Tanajura, Marcio
Thompson, Pam
Townsend, Sharon
Verlee, Jill
Vissman, Bridgot
Wallace, Scott
Ward, Dale

Also Found. Two other classmates who didn’t “officially” graduate with us (having had to move their senior year), will be attending the Reunion this year, as well! It will be great to welcome back John Ohradzansky and Chad Hite … very much a part of our class, and always members of our class list!

Bio Books.  Start thinking/drafting/putting together your Bio pages for the last 25 years … this year the books will be distributed free, and we want to know what you’ve been up to, where in the world you are, or anything else you’d like to share. Use a form of your own design, or the one posted here on our website.

Trivia. Of all the teachers actively educating young minds upon our graduation, up until last month five were still teaching. Two retired in June. Anyone care to guess who these long-timers are?

That’s it for this installment of the Reunion “blog.” Hope everyone is doing well, and we’ll see you at the reunion in the Fall.

Take care,

Tim Jackoboice.


2 responses to “Name that Band

  1. Karl Baltutat

    Rick Lanning and Ginny Schierbeek?

  2. I’m with Karl on the Rick Lanning. I also think Ann Layton and Pearce are still there or not?

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