75 Days and Counting!

Hello again!  75 days to go … and everything is going fantastic with the Reunion planning! Updates:

Class Donors: Two huge thank-you’s to Class Donors Leigh DeFreese (Jarm), her husband Tim, and Mark Chandler and his wife Amber, for donating $150.00 each to the Reunion fund. These donations are the highest to date, and their gifts are yet another huge step toward covering all the additional events planned this year — including live band Trilogy performing, free Bio Books, free draught beer (and cash bar), valet service, and funding a $300.00 funeral floral account to be used for sending funeral arrangements on behalf of our Class if anyone should unfortunately pass in the coming years. All this on top of a great venue, great hors d’oeurves, passed appetizers, pasta station, decorations, and all the memories you can handle at Kent Country Club for the Reunion. Thanks, Leigh and Mark!

Early Cash: Also appreciated are all those who have sent checks in early for the Reunion and Sunday Brunch. While we usually receive most payments in September/October, it’s been fantastic to receive payments early …  which helps with the bills, headcounts, and deposits that need to be made. Thanks to everyone on the Paid/Attending List.

If you plan on attending and haven’t paid yet, consider throwing a check in the mail today, if you can. Click on the Tickets tab for other payment options as well.

Hits: As of this writing, we’ve had 4,601 hits to the web site … which represents a great show of spirit, involvement, communication … and also really nice for our Class Sponsors! (I’m trying to get Microsoft and Ford to pay for banner ads, but they’re still not biting…!)

Contacts: We’re now reaching over 70% of the class by email, and over 91% of the class by email and/or physical address. Phenomenal. The Missing List is getting much shorter …! (Which, by the way, represents those we have not heard from yet. Many of them we do have physical addresses for, and the letters sent to them did not come back, so we can assume they’re valid. I simply keep these people on the list until we actually hear from them, or find their emails.)

New Tab: At the suggestion of Debi Kamp, you may have noticed a new Reunion Golf tab on the website, to collect interest for the proposed golf outing on Sunday of the Reunion weekend. Anyone interested in hitting the links at Thousand Oaks Country Club after the Sunday Brunch, please let us know as early as possible so we can set this up.

Rooms/Child Care:  John Westerhuis is finalizing his negotiations for special room rates at a deep discount at a Cascade hotel. We’ll update you when the rates, reservation code, and check-in procedures are finalized. Thanks, John, for your work on this. This will save a lot of money for attending out-of-towners. And if anyone knows of a “night-care” service … or a great babysitter/nanny/au pair that can assist with watching children the night of the reunion, let us know. It could be a nice one-night entrepreneurial venture, as several families may need assistance in this area.

Page Photos: I got a little more creative on a late Thursday night after my 3 year old went back to bed and before the two month old got back up, and put up some colorful “page logos” under all the web site tabs…. and I dare anyone to wear a toga to this thing.

Correction: Due to a little mis-information received, Skip Giles and Aimee Wilkinson not only should never have been listed on the Missing List’s “Indicated previously they do not want to be contacted about Reunions,” … they both sent in emails, updated their information, and are attending in October! (Skip and wife Kristie already paid for both Reunion and Brunch as well!) Great to have them “back” … yet they never really “left” in the first place…!

Trivia: I threw a little trivia in my last installment here, and asked, “Of all the teachers actively educating young minds upon our graduation, up until last month five were still teaching. Two retired in June. Anyone care to guess who these long-timers are?”

The answer is Ann Layton, Ginny Schieerbeek, and Rick Lanning. Pam Sellers and Jerry Lane recently retired this past June.

Bio Books: Get your profile sheet in as soon as possible, so you won’t be excluded from the publication. I put together an easy-to-use “tabbable” (is that a word?) form under the Bio Book Form page, that’s easy to use, fill-in, and send back. Or, create your own. It doesn’t matter what it looks like — we just want to hear from you, and what you’ve been up to for the past quarter-century!

That’s it for now. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Fall!

Take care, and talk to you soon. 

Tim Jackoboice.

(Did you think I’d actually end this without taking the liberty of adding a baby picture?)
Montana at La Playa
Montana Jackoboice, Naples, August 2007


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