Virginia Challenge

While this 12th Update comes a bit sooner — on the heels of last week’s — I wanted to announce some unique news, rather than waiting a couple weeks.

Dan Robertson, hailing from Virginia, has recently donated $100.00 to the Class Reunion … and with it, a Challenge. Dan is offering to match the next 20 Class donations (of any amount) with an additional $5.00 for each received. This could potentially extend Dan’s overall gift to $200.00 — which I’ll track on the website’s sidebar. Any amount will count, and any new Ad Sponsor will also count in Dan’s Challenge.

Class Donors have been active and much appreciated — Sponsors have benefitted even more than imagined, from exposure to 5,400+ hits to the website thus far. All monies help offset overall Reunion costs, which this year are larger than ever before, due to the free additions (live band, free beer, valet parking, free Bio books, etc.) We still have a little way to go, and every dollar helps. 

Now … let’s get further into Dan’s checkbook, fund the Reunion with a few more bucks, and join Dan’s Virginia Challenge today. Thanks again to Dan, and to those who have contributed in prior weeks.

All donations and Ad Sponsors should send checks payable to:

FHC Class of 1982
c/o Tim Jackoboice
8799 Muirfield Dr.
Naples, FL 34109

PayPal payments can be sent to me directly at
(These addresses are the same to which all Reunion and Brunch ticket payments should also be sent.)

Regular updates will resume in two weeks, and will be more frequent as the Reunion draws closer.


Tim Jackoboice.


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