With so much to update, I thought I’d put together a bullet list. Hopefully, your plans for making it to the Reunion events are working out … as this one will be a Reunion like no other! 

Let me get the business end out of the way first, if I may…

Tickets: Please send in a check today for the Reunion ($40 each/$80 couple) and/or Brunch ($25 each/$50 couple), if you plan to attend. Please also RSVP for the Saturday Picnic. The total budget is dependent on 100 people attending, and we need headcounts in advance … as well as cash to pay expenses as the Reunion is approaching. Thanks in advance — please send payments by any of the methods below:

Payable to: FHC Class of 1982
c/o Tim Jackoboice
8799 Muirfield Dr
Naples, FL 34109
(239) 591-3844

Send to:

Credit Cards:
Contact Tim Jackoboice
Email: Cactus1993@aol.com 
Cell: 239-293-7336

Now on to the lighter topics…! 

Trivia Update: Since the last trivia question, Tami Swanson pointed out I missed a still-active, long-timer at FHC: Linda Culver. That makes six FHC staff, at least as of this past June, that were still at FHC since we left. (See? We’re really not that old after all…!) Thanks, Tami, for the correction and update.

Out of Towners: John Westerhuis is still in negotiations with the Crowne Plaza Hotel for special room rates for FHC Class of ’82 alumni. Currently, John said they’ve offered an $84.00 room rate for us, but he thinks they can do better. We’ll keep you posted as to the rate, and how to check-in to receive the special price. Thanks, John!

Sunday Golf Outing: There’s been increased interest in golf at Thousand Oaks Golf Club on Reunion Sunday — 11 people thus far, and more foursomes are sure to form.  The Reunion Golf page has all the details … and remember the rates on the Thousand Oaks website won’t be what you pay … Dave Southwell has some close connections here, and greens fees will be lower for the Class of ’82.

Memorabilia Table: The Decorations Committee (Kim, Barb, and Wendy) have come up with a great idea for a Memorabilia Table at the Reunion. Anything from high school you’d like to contribute would be appreciated: photos, dried corsages, tardy slips, Fritzen’s car keys, charred Gopher float pieces … anything you can think of! Here is part of Kim’s recent email:

I would like to have memorabilia from our fellow classmates on a designated table. If you could request on the website that people bring their own items to the event, that would be helpful. I think it would be fun to see some of the things people have saved. We are all grown up enough to respect one another’s property so I don’t think things are going to be stolen or ruined. I plan to have them in a certain spot in the dining area so that folks can stop and reminisce. If they don’t want to deal with them that night they are always welcome to bring their things at one of the previous events or contact me and I can arrange to get the item(s). Of course, they should put their name on the item(s). Some things that we have are yearbooks, old notes/invitations,pictures from plays/variety show, a football/cheerleader pin-just to give you an idea. Kim.

Trilogy: Any song requests? The band is brushing up on “Ridin’ the Storm Out”,”Dust in the Wind,” and some Foreigner ballads, to really get the memories rolling … any other requests are welcome!

Website Hits: 6,700+ website hits and growing. Amazing. Great for ad sponsors. We should have done this 20 years ago. Wait … the Internet really didn’t exist for most intents and purposes 20 years ago. (And we’re back to feeling old again….!)

Contacts: We currently have 173 valid, current email addresses for the class (70.9%.) Adding in all the physical addresses we believe to be correct (and have sent letters with Reunion information to) that number rises to 225 (87.5%).  This number dipped slightly recently with some returned letters. Overall, fantastic coverage of the class! 

Photography: There will be a professional photographer at the Reunion to organize us for a class photo (which is sure to make the pages of many fine publications). In addition, we might want to consider a roving photographer to take candid shots throughout the night. These of course, can be used for scrapbooks, the website, and blackmail purposes. 🙂 If anyone would like to suggest a photographer, feel free. Otherwise, I plan on looking into someone to do this — the guy taking the class photo doesn’t do the roving photography thing. And, as he only charges for the prints we order from him (and at a reasonable cost), I can’t complain much…!

New Class Sponsor: Brett Boonenberg’s business, Thornapple River Nursery, has recently and generously sponsored a quarter-page ad on the website and the Bio Books, making this the largest-sized ad sponsorship to date. This is a huge help to the class. Thanks, Brett!

New Class Donors: Further thanks go out to Tami Swanson O’Shea and husband Tim, Karie Scripsema Todey and husband Brian, and Mark Wandas for their recent Class Donor gifts to the class, and membership into the Green & White Club … again, a huge help to offset all the extras at this Reunion. Another thanks to Dan Robertson, too, whose previous donation just increased by another $20.00!

Deadlines: I recently posted these on the website main page sidebar: 

Deadline: September 30: Bio Book Profiles Due. Create your own, or use the profile form posted on this website under Bio Book Form. This date is critical, as the books need to be printed, assembled, and delivered in time for the Reunion.

Deadline: October 5: Saturday Night Reunion Ticket Discount Purchase Deadline. Right now, you can buy Reunion Tickets at a discounted price: $40 each/$80 per couple. After October 5, ticket prices increase to the regular cost of $50 each/$100 per couple. This is necessary to motivate early payments, lessen transactions at the door, and so we can get accurate headcounts in to Kent Country Club to ensure there is enough food, drink, tables, etc for our group. Please send payment in today, if you can.

Deadline: October 5: Sunday Thornapple Daily Grill Sunday Brunch Ticket Deadline. Tickets will not be available “at the door,” as the Thornapple Daily Grille needs to have a headcount ahead of time to order Brunch food items. Please get your checks in for this ($25.00 each/$50.00 couple) as soon as possible if you plan to attend. This money goes from you to me, then directly to the Thornapple Daily Grille, and includes tax and gratuity.

Deadline: October 12: Saturday Picnic / Pig Roast at Cascade Park RSVP Due. This will be a fantastic family picnic day and pig roast, prepared by the Egypt Valley Country Club’s chef, through Dave Murray’s connections there. This picnic will include side dishes, drinks, and will make for a beautiful Fall day family picnic and party! Again, we need to know the number of people to expect in order for the chef to gauge food orders. Bring your family, your camera, and look forward to a great day at Cascade Park.

Class Funeral Floral Account: Thanks to the Class Donors and Ad Sponsors, the Class Funeral Floral account is now fully funded. This is something else I personally wanted to continue on behalf of the entire class. Having started sending arrangements, unfortunately, to the funerals of our friends Dale Steenwyck and Kyle Patterson back in 10th grade, which tragically was joined by Greg Cano and Erin Gehl’s memorials our senior year — I never thought twice continuing the tradition for classmates since. So you know, the card always has read “With deepest sympathy from your classmates from the Forest Hills Cental Class of 1982.”.

Sometimes there was reimbursement, sometimes not. Sometimes we didn’t hear right away about the passing, and it wasn’t done. But the important thing was that when we knew, we always represented our sympathies, as a class, and now have an account to continue doing so. Hopefully, this $300.00 will last for a very long time. I may have to change this gesture someday, as we all get older … but not yet, and not for awhile. Many families have said how nice it was to have received flowers and the thoughtfulness of our class. But it just shows no matter how far removed we are from high school, we still care for our own, and we’ve always been there for our classmates … especially at the end, and so many years later.

In regards to this account, Debi Kamp has offered to stop in to Eastern Floral where she used to work years ago, while she’s in from Los Angeles during Reunion week, and see if Eastern can set up a special account with special arrangements. Thanks, Debi.

With that, have a great week, please send your payment in today for Reunion tickets, and I hope to see you all in October!

Take care,

Tim Jackoboice.


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