Deadlines, Beer and Surprises

Hi Everyone — everything is still progressing incredibly!  Here are a few further updates and comments on three approaching deadlines for Reunion Events: 

20 Days until Bio Books go to press (Sept 30) … so fill out and send in your Bio Book Form, if you want to be included. 
25 Days until Reunion Tickets increase in price (Oct. 5) … Tickets will rise from $40 each to a $50 each (at-the-door-prices) … as we need to receive ticket orders early for accurate headcounts, funds for expenses, and in order to make the Reunion more enjoyable for your planning committee to get this out of the way now.
25 Days until Sunday Brunch Ticket sales End (Oct. 5) … the Thornapple Daily Grille must order all food ahead of the Sunday Brunch, as this is a private party and based on a headcount. If you want to attend, you need to respond soon … there can be no at-the-door Tickets sold.

Two Surprises: In addition to everything else planned, I have two other “surprises” I’m working on – that will make this Reunion even better and ticket prices an even greater ”bang for your buck.” I’ll keep you in suspense until the next “blog,” and upon finalizing the plans.
Drink Tickets: In keeping with Kent policy, drink tickets must be purchased at the party, as you’ve seen at similar events. Paid attendees will receive a photo name tag allowing you to buy drink tickets and access the free beer … but we need a volunteer to sell these. Anyone have a parent, brother, sister, or spouse that would like to do this? After the first hour, they’ll be available from Kent Staff for purchase … so the volunteer needn’t stay all night.
Reunion Golf Outing: Dave Southwell has secured 4 tee times (16 players) starting at 2:00 on Sunday, October 21 at Thousand Oaks. He’s also negotiated an incredible golf rate of $35.00 per player, including greens fees, cart fees, and range balls. Thus far, we have 11 people interested in playing … more details can be found on the Reunion Golf page. Thanks, Dave, for arranging all this and negotiating some great rates!
Free Beer: (Thought that would get some attention!) As you know, in addition to many other Reunion freebies, we have three free kegs on tap all night … which obviously can be any brand we choose. Any suggestions? So far, I have 1 Sam Adams Oktoberfest, 1 Heineken, and 1 Coor’s Light lined up, but am open to suggestions … and majority rule.
New Class Donors: A huge thanks to Hon. Annette Ziegler (Kingsland) and Dawn Lindeman (Wiggerman) for their recent cash donations to the class, and to Tami O’Shea (Swanson) for her in-kind donation of supplying all the photo name tags for the Reunion that she and Dawn are putting together. They are all now official members of our infamous Green & White Club !  Thank you, again, for your generosity … and to all class donors and ad sponsors that are making the “extras” for this reunion possible.
Numbers: 226 emails and addresses out of 257 fellow graduates … 7,796 web hits to date on the website … lots of RSVPs … and even more interest and checks on the way!
Looking forward to a fantastic time with everyone next month! 
Tim Jackoboice


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