Hope everyone is well … I wanted to give another brief update on Reunion deadlines:
Saturday Night Reunion (advance ticket deadline: 17 days)
Before October 5: $40.00 ea, $80.00 per couple.
After October 5:   $50.00 ea, $100.00 per couple, at-the-door.
Kent CC needs headcounts for all the food — and the bar — for our Saturday Night event. To date, 29 people paid. While I expect 100+ to attend, the problem is this — the lower the number of paid attendees I get, the bigger guess I’ll have to make for the actual turnout numbers for the Reunion.  And that means if I pay for 100 attendees as expected, and only 70 show, we lose a lot of money and we’ll all gain ten pounds from eating all that extra food.  If I order food for 100, and 130 show, you’ll think I skimped on the food, and the bar will run dry.

You see the dilemma in both situations. Please send in your tickets payment today, if you haven’t already, and help us out with the planning. 
If you absolutely have to wait (and are willing to pay more at the door) please email me the events you think you’ll be attending, so we can plan more accurately.  My email address is
Reunion Sunday Brunch (deadline: 17 days)
Before October 5: $25.00 ea, $50.00 per couple.
After October 5:   Not Available.

The ticket situation with the Brunch is similar. The Thornapple Daily Grille is opening up their doors only for us, on that Sunday. They need exact headcounts. Tickets are $25.00 total, including tax & gratuity, and there’s a minimum $1,000 room fee … meaning at least 40 people need to attend to cover the minimum. If less than 40 people pay by October 5, we need to cancel the event and refund everyone’s money — or come out of pocket and make up the difference between the total we collected and the $1,000 minimum.
Bio Books (deadline: 12 days)
We currently have 16 profiles ready for printing … if you want to be included, please fill out an FHC Bio Book Form, and email it to me as soon as possible. You have 12 days left … after that, I need to begin the process of copying and assembling them, so they’ll be ready in time for the Reunion … and late entries can’t be included. The Deadline is September 30 — just 12 days away.

While this certainly isn’t the most fun and entertaining “blog” I’ve written to date, it’s a necessary one, as we get nearer to the deadlines.

Hope to hear from you soon, if I haven’t already — thanks for your help on this!

Tim Jackoboice


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