Surprises #5, #6 and #7

Hello again, everyone! We’re in the home stretch for our 25th High School Class Reunion! 

First … the deadlines … looming … (and less than a week that Bio Book profiles are due!):

* Saturday Night Reunion (adv. ticket deadline: 11 days)   Tickets   Events
* Reunion Sunday Brunch (resv. ticket deadline: 11 daysTickets   
* Bio Book Profiles
(deadline: 6 days)   Form

For those of you who still haven’t paid, please send in your payment by check, PayPal, or credit card to me today. For those that want to be included in the Bio Books, click on the link and use the form here — or create your own. Thanks. We’re running short on time, so please get your payments and profile forms in today!

Next, some bad news … Dave Murray, who reserved seating for us at the Friday Football game against Northview, and had arranged the chef from Egypt Valley to cook for us at the Pig Roast/Family Picnic on Saturday, sent me the following email. Dave is a volunteer firefighter with the Ada Fire Department … please help me wish him well in his recovery:

Bad news — it looks like I might be missing the events. We had a large fire in Lowell Saturday night, with about eight different departments responding, and ended up breaking my tib/ fib in 6 diffent spots. I just got home today and can’t walk for the next two weeks, then back to the surgeon to see what he has to say. I do have the seats reserved and will give the chef your email address to finish up the details on the pig roast. I’m going to try to update my info at least — if things change I will let you know. Dave.

I’d like to also thank on behalf of the Class, Torii (Marsh) Morgan for her recent and generous $100.00 gift for the Reunion activities, as well as to Dan Robertson — again — who rounded up his original $100.00 gift — which included a $5 matching gift for each subsequent donation. Six donations followed Dan’s, yet he rounded up his overall donation to $200.00 even, and sent the check. Also, Tami (Swanson) O’Shea has also generously donated the cost of materials — and her time — for putting together all the Reunion name tags. These of course are very important as well, as you won’t be able to buy drink tickets without one! Thanks Torii, Dan and Tami!

Surprises #5, #6, and #7
Throughout the planning stages, we’ve tried to provide you the most bang for a forty-buck ticket you’ve ever spent. On top of being with countless friends from high school from 25 years ago — in a fantastic setting on a great fall evening — you’ve also heard about earlier Surprises #1, #2, #3 and #4 … which are our old band Trilogy performing live all night for us Saturday … the complimentary Valet car service … the three (3) free kegs of beer … and the Bio Books that are also free this year.

Today — and if we can get just a few more of you to send ticket payments this week — I’d like to announce three more Surprises … #5, #6 and #7.
#5 — I can order a great-looking FHC Class of 1982 block-ice sculpture, as one of the centerpieces for the room at Kent Country Club. It should be a cool (no pun intended) and classy edition to the evening. Not impressed? Well, I’ll also have them drill two vodka “shot luges” through the center as well, and will have them keep a couple complimentary bottles on hand in case anyone is so inclined…!  (We had a Super Bowl party here in Naples a couple years ago, and the “shot luge” was a big hit, and a real ice-breaker (okay … that pun was intended!))
#6 — we should have more than enough food passed all throughout the night by Kent staff to us, but, after a night of dancing, talking, drinks and catching up, there’s nothing like bringing back the memory of a late night food run. But, instead of running out, I’ll ask Kent to run in … and provide 15-dozen “sliders” (mini-burgers) for all us at the end of the night. None of those Whitecastle kind, but the good-quality ones … just for old times sake, if nothing else!
#7 — as always, we’ll have a 50/50 raffle at the Reunion to help raise money to offset all these freebies. The total dollar amount of raffle tickets sold will be split between the class fund and the winning ticket drawn — which in the past has been a nice number. But in addition, this year, Marion (Kish) Mikula has offered to donate a beautiful quilt to the winner, in addition to the prize money. Not knowing how much time, work, or cost of supplies goes into the completion of something like this, I was entirely impressed after talking with Marion with everythng she has done in order to offer this as a major bonus to the drawing and the class. Here is an email she recently sent me:

Hi Tim. I did my best with 30 mph winds, heavy cloud cover (with just a few brief openings in the sky), and lots of wrinkles (my apologies, it needs pressing) … I’m lucky I got any of these to turn out.  J  Anyway, here’s the quilt top, and it will be quilted and finished by the time we have our Reunion. It measures approximately 68” x 88” (I think this is “throw” or full size. I was thinking it was a Queen since it was listed as “large” on the pattern.) The fabrics are all high quality, 100% cotton, and I machine-piece it and plan to machine-quilt it.  Just a guess – value is approximately $400.00 when completed.  I would say the colors are in the red family… If anyone has questions, they are welcome to contact me. The name of the pattern is Motion and I really like the way the pattern looks like interconnecting links. Sort of fitting, reminds me of our class, we are all connected, but we go our own way … then every once in a while we reconnect. Anyway, let me know your thoughts. I really wish I had better pictures. It’s okay to tell them there were 30 mph winds and I didn’t iron it…. J 


Thanks, Marion! 
So … as you continue to see, we’re planning a fantastic Reunion, and one you won’t want to miss. We intend for this to be the best one ever. There has been a lot of time and effort in the planning of the entire weekend of events — all you have to do is show up — and send in your payment asap if you haven’t already done so. Doing so will help tremendously with expenses, headcounts, and the final planning needed for all these events and freebies.
Thanks … we can’t wait to see everyone, in a little over three weeks from today!
Tim Jackoboice


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  1. Debi Mlnarik-Olsen



    (beautiful quilt Marion)

  2. Suzanne McLauchlan

    Just an FYI – Erv’s 10K walk/run next year is July 12, 2008.

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