10,000 Hits

I never thought back in June, on that first day of “launch,” that in less than four months we’d ever have 10,000 hits on our Class website — yet that milestone was passed, earlier today! What great support and interest everyone has had in getting together for this Reunion — and keeping in touch — with everyone from our great FHC Class of ’82!

Bio Books
Our first deadline has passed — the Bio Book Profile Page submission deadline — and I thank everyone who submitted one.  I did feel a little like Paul Lauretta back at FHC, however, Sunday night.  My emailbox was jammed. Do you know how many bios I received within 15 minutes of the midnight deadline???  I was cracking up — we’re still “cramming” after 25 years!  All the bios look great … and there’s a lot of them. And really … some of you seem to have forgotten I did go to school with you for four years … did you really think I wouldn’t put a little flex time in the deadline?  🙂  That said, everyone that submitted a bio page thus far will have theirs included in the books, and while a few per day are still trickling in, I have the majority of them now and we can start turning them into actual publications, and eventually, a .PDF form that classmates who can’t attend the Reunion can download from this website.

Michigan Income and Sales Tax Increases
Taxes, taxes, taxes. We can’t avoid them. We all have to pony up. However, I’m proud to announce that this elected official … by you back in 1982 … will not be increasing any event costs, imposing any drink taxes, or enacting any bad dance-technique taxation — or in any form for any Reunion festivities — regardless of the recently imposed Michigan Income and Sales Tax increases….  🙂 

Dress Code
Many people have asked about the “dress code” for Saturday night’s main event. In short, there is none … you have complete artistic fashion license … save for the requirement Kent Country Club has in that no denim or jeans be worn. Everything else is fair game, from Hawaiian shirts and mumu’s to Armani suits and Pamella Roland evening gowns. And I’m pretty sure we’ll see both ends of that spectrum, and yet another reason that made our Class so unique in so many ways.

Deadline Coming:  Reunion tickets will increase from $40 each to $50 each, starting this Friday, October 5. Reunion Brunch tickets also must be ordered by Friday. No flex time here … there are a lot of bills to pay, reimbursements to make, and headcounts to submit. This is just a small but enforceable incentive. As of today, it’s probably best and easiest to put your event ticket costs on a credit card, because if you don’t already have a check in the mail, it won’t get to me down here in Hurricane Alley by the Friday deadline. Please email me (Cactus1993@aol.com) or call me (239-293-7336) with the following information:

— Tickets required (include quantity)
— Credit Card Number
— Credit Card Expiration date
— Name as it appears on the Card
— Billing Address for the Card

All this information is required to process the transaction. Also remember charges will appear on your credit card statement under “Property Pulse LLC.” (It was easier to use an existing account I had and transfer funds to the FHC checking account I set up, than to go through the whole process of setting up a seperate FHC credit card account.)

Class Donors
The support for this Reunion has been phenomenal, and is why we can continually keep adding extras, freebies and perks. Most recently, Andrew Millard and Debi Mlnarik have made generous donations to our Class and the Reunion, and we thank them so much for doing so. Thanks Andrew and Debi!

Class Ad Sponsor
Sue Anderson, owner of the Anderson Group for the past 12 years, has become our most recent Class Ad Sponsor. Thanks, Sue, for your contribution to the Class!

That’s it for now … start dusting off your dancing shoes and old yearbooks, and quiz yourself on what we all used to look like — and how much better-looking, more distinguished and attractive, and younger we’ll all look at the Reunion!

See you all in less than three weeks — get ready for a great weekend!
Tim Jackoboice.


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