It’s Midnight!

One minute from now, Midnight on Friday, October 5th, was officially to be the last chance for advance purchase Reunion tickets at $40.00 each. Considering the Credit Card and PayPal systems have worked well — and are a 1-day process — I’m extending the deadline another 6 days until Thursday, October 11. After Thursday, prices will — with absolutely certainty — rise to $50.00 each.

One stipulation though — only credit card and PayPal payments please, from today forward, as checks may not get to me before we leave Florida for points north and the Reunion. (And remember, payments will appear on your credit card statements under “Property Pulse LLC.” It was easier for me to use an existing credit card processing account I had and then transfer funds to the FHC checking account I set up, than to put together a whole new credit card account for the Reunion alone.)

If you’re still needing tickets, please send PayPal payments to me at, or send by email or call me (239-293-7336) with the following credit card information:

– Tickets required (include quantity)
– Credit Card Number
– Credit Card Expiration date
– Name as it appears on the Card
– Billing Address for the Card

Thanks — I’ll follow up with a regular “blog” update soon. We’ve had several more class donors, a total of 90 Paid and RSVP’ed attendees for the Reunion (with many more paying at the door), 10,600+ website hits, and a whole lot of people going to the game, after-party, Pig Roast, and Brunch.  It’s already a great turnout!

See you soon…!

Tim Jackoboice.


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