It’s Here!

This blog is a little more unique … it’s being written at 35,000 feet en route from Naples to Grand Rapids. I’ve got 64 Bio Books in the cargo hold, a bottle of ’80 Burgundy bought in Paris during our French trip junior year for the memorabilia table (that’s probably swill by now), and a long list of names of everyone paid or RSVP’ed to the Reunion, which is making for our biggest-ever turnout for a Reunion. Everything is on track for a great weekend of events!

Class Donors

Many more big thank you’s go out this week to Jill Collins, Peggy Leete, Caresse Moushon, Jill Dangl, Chuck Gallagher, Alicia Prieto, Eric & Laura (Sickterman) Smith, Genyphyr Novak, and Rob Pease … for their generous and much appreciated donations. Like I’ve said so many times before, these gracious donations make all the events possible, because the $40.00 Reunion ticket price wouldn’t have covered a fraction of all the extras added this year. All Donors and Class Ad Sponsors will have their names listed on this website, on the website sidebar, the Green & White Club (and Class Ad Sponsor page if applicable) for the next four years. The site will continue to remain active with news, photos, updates, and as always a place to submit new contact info.

Pig Roast & Family Picnic (Cascade Park, 12:00 Noon – 3:00PM Saturday)

Cyril Mayne, the old chef from Egypt Valley CC– and Dave Murray’s friend and contact — will be at the Cascade Township Park from Noon to 3:00PM Saturday roasting that porker we keep talking about … along with an entire updated menu:

Roast Pig

Kielbasa & Sauerkraut

Potato Salad

Fresh Vegetable Pasta Salad


BBQ Sauces


Baked Beans

Chips & Salsa

Prices are as follows:

Everyone 12 years or older: $10.00

Kids from 5 – 12 years old:  $5.00

Kids from 0 – 5 years old:     Free!

Also … please bring whatever you can to make the afternoon even more fun … softballs, bats, gloves, Frisbees, Jarts, Bocci balls, fireworks, laser-light shows … whatever you can and are able to bring.  Rain or shine, we’ll be there … we have the gazebo reserved in case of any inclement weather. There’s no pre-payment or RSVP required, so show up if and whenever you can!  See you there!

Bio Books

I found a great deal in Naples for copying the bio books — so went ahead and finished them there. Aside from Delta charging an extra $50.00 for an excess weight 61-lb suitcase, we came out far ahead of original copying and binding estimates – the latter I decided to do myself with a machine purchased from Office Depot, instead of paying the $4.00+ extra for each book to be bound in-house. And then this morning, Jill Collins donated the entire cost of the books — $325.00!  Wow — on behalf of the entire class, thanks, Jill, in a big way!  Jill also designed the cover, and added several of the filler page content. All these beauties are finished and in the cargo hold as I write this. Everyone who pre-paid for the Reunion — or who requested a book and sent a check for postage – will receive one Saturday night or afterward, and those who can’t attend the Reunion can also download the bio books free of charge from this website, at or just clicking on The Bio Book! link at the top of this page.  I converted it into one .PDF file, so while it takes a little patience to download the entire 42MB file, it’s well worth it as it’s in full color and in its entirety. (By the way, if you sent a check for a bio book and would rather just download it from the website, let me know … I haven’t cashed your checks yet!)

Class Photo
Around 8:30PM on Saturday night at the Reunion … or in other words, after you’ve had a couple drinks, incorrectly placed a face or two, and have been hit numerous times with hors d’oeuvres by Kent CC staff, Chris Krueger (our hired class photo photographer) is going to try and corral us away for an entire class photo. He may need to split us up … or “alphabetize” us into groups of A-H, I-Z, etc … but in any case, be ready for a little paparazzi action and make yourself available to be included in this “shot of a lifetime”….! 

Memorabilia Table

Wendy, Barb and Kim have gathered items for a memorabilia table at the Reunion, and more items are welcomed and encouraged. Anything you may still have from high school … a “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” variety show poster, Fritzen’s car keys, class photos, cheerleading pom pons, Tardy passes, bumper stickers, or whatever — will all make a great addition to the table, and will be much appreciated. Bring what you can on Saturday night. The more the better, and everything will obviously be returned to you … except Fritzen’s car keys.

Reunion Cuisine

As you know, appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, and constant fare will be passed all throughout the night by Kent staff, and as listed under the “Reunion Events” tab above. There will a plethora of cuisine, unless we get many more than the 110 attendees guesstimated. In addition, we’ll also have a full pasta bar – but don’t think this is a “dinner.”  $27.00 of each ticket has been allocated solely to all the food you’ll see passed throughout the night – so don’t load up on pasta when it’s put out around 8:30PM — unless you want to –because the other fare won’t stop being brought out. The pasta bar is just something extra … i.e., if you’ve been starving yourself for a month to lose a few pounds for the Reunion — and decided what the heck and want to dive in, that pasta bar is for you! Or, if you have a Sunday morning marathon (which I don’t suggest) and need to carbo-load, or you need to pad your stomach before the shot luge, or you generally have a passion for penne or linguine, then dive right in. That’s what it’s for, but we’ll have a lot more food still passed throughout the night. And don’t forget the midnight sliders…!

Drink Tickets

As you know, the beer is free all night … but you’ll still need a name tag as your “pass” to get it. If you want a stronger beverage, you’ll need to buy drink tickets per Kent’s requirement. They’ll be available at the greeter’s table at the Reunion, and then from behind the bar after that, throughout the night. Remember, we also have 3 bottles of Ketel One for the ice sculpture shot luge pre-paid (at a required Kent CC cost of $110.88 each, inc. tax and gratuity) …so if that’s all you want, no problem there!

Football Game

The reserved seats Dave Murray set up for us will be on the East End of the bleachers … and be sure to listen for a special announcement that our esteemed Class of ’82 is attendance, over the P.A. system, sometime during the game!


… are allowed, encouraged, and will hopefully be snapping at all events throughout the weekend. Take as many shots as you can, email them in, and I’ll post them on the website after the Reunion!

That’s it for now … the rest, as you’ve read about for months now here …  you’ll finally see for yourself, starting tomorrow!  Feel free to call me — or anyone on the Reunion Team – with any questions about events or information you need. My cell phone is 239-293-7336.

Take care – safe travels if you’re coming in from out of town (and we have many) – and see you all soon!

Tim Jackoboice.




2 responses to “It’s Here!

  1. 2:28 a.m. Wow, what a party! To see the culmination of so many efforts made and so many smiles of friends long remembered was awesome! Especially amazing was to see 1/2 of the people there (spouses) having as good of a time as those of FHC 82. Can’t imagine a more perfect party. BRAVO to those responsible!

    Oh, has anyone read the intro in the Bio book by Tim? Very powerful stuff. Thoughtful is an understatement BIG TIME. Happy trails to you, Cactus.

  2. This was my first reunion and it brought back a flood of memories, but it is funny how time can distort old memories. Unfortunately, I had a lot of explaining to do with my wife after Saturday night, when she learned that I really wasn’t the valedictorian, quarterback, homecoming king, or class president as I had led her to believe over the years. And why did every conversation with a classmate on Saturday night have to start with, “you wouldn’t believe what your husband did one time in high school.” It was a blast – glad I was able to attend and help out in some way.

    The bio book made for some great reading on my flight home to Phoenix today. Hey Tim, get out there and live life a little will ya. Well, if not for the opportunity to shadow Tim at the start of reunion planning, I would have never understood the unbelievable amount of preparation required to pull off a full weekend of events like Tim and the others coordinated. Thanks again Tim for all you did to put this together – quite amazing!

    Hope everybody stays well until the next reunion.

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