Photos, Cruises, and a Post-Turkey Day Gathering

Hopefully, everyone has recovered from the Reunion weekend by now!
Thanks to Wendy Sims, Marion Kish, Dan Robertson, Karl Baltutat, Debi Kamp, and Leigh DeFreese for sending photos in from the Reunion weekend … 189 total, which can be viewed by clicking here, or at any time by clicking the link under the “Reunion Photos” tab at the top of this web page. If anyone has more photos from the events they’d like to post, please email them to me at At this point, it’s the easiest way to get them onto our site. Paul Moore also took a lot of time to put together a step-by-step instruction for how to upload photos we may want to post in the future … another way to keep in touch over the coming years via pictures of what you’ve been up to. More info on that to come.
Bio Books and Profile Sheets
Everyone who attended the Reunion should have picked up a Bio Book at the Welcome table … but if for some reason you didn’t, you can still download it in full color from the website here, under The Bio Book! tab. If you didn’t get a chance to submit a profile for the book and would still like to send one, feel free to do so by filling out the form under the Bio Form tab any time, and emailing it to me.  We’ll get it into the Bio Book .pdf asap!

25-Year Reunion Class Photo
As you’ve probably noticed, the photo header of our class website here has changed … I replaced the 20-year class photo with the class photo from our 25th. Not a bad looking crew, I must say!!! If you’d still like to order an 8×10″ FHC Class of our 1982 25th Reunion Class Photo, mail a check for $19.00 and your:
First Name, Maiden or Last Name
Address, City, State, ZIP
… and write “FHC Class of 1982” on your check
– and mail to – 
John Krueger
2386 Randall NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49534
A Bahamas Cruise?
After having such a great time at our 25th Reunion, many people were talking about getting together again sooner than later, and not having to wait another five years until our 30th Reunion to see everyone again. Something along the lines of a “27 1/2th” Reunion came up. Then came thoughts of where it could be held, Then the idea of the Reunion Cruise was born.
Now, any “27 1/2th” Reunion would be an “unofficial” Reunion … meaning none of the profits from our 25th would be used toward our “27 1/2th”, to be fair to all those who wouldn’t be able to attend due to time, money, vacation, or other obligations and commitments. There would be no pressure to attend, because we’ll still be having a 30th Reunion in five years … and it truly wouldn’t matter if five or fifty couples came on the cruise, because it would be a fantastic time no matter the number of vacationers.
The possibilities are endless. Perhaps a 3 or 4 night cruise out of Port Canaveral, cruising to the Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, aboard a Disney or Royal Carribbean line. Heather and I took the family on a Disney cruise in February, and it was a fantastic time for the kids and adults alike. In fact, the entire bow of the Disney liner is designed mainly for adults, with an 18+ pool, bars, nightclubs, shows, spa and gym areas, etc. For the kids, there are endless things to do for every child from infant to teenager, and every Disney character throughout the cruise you can imagine will appear sometime throughout the trip. Shawn Tilstra has taken a few Royal Carribbean cruises, and recommended either cruise line, adding that the kids programs on both lines are top-notch, safe and secure, full of endless and varying activities … and they’ll watch your children as much or as little as you want them to … even into the wee hours of the night.
Better yet, what a perfect solution to the hit-and-run five-minute conversations that seem to make up most every Reunion, for any class, at any high school. Even with as many events as we had at our 25th Reunion, there still just wasn’t enough one-on-one time to carry on more in-depth conversations and really catch up with people. And a cruise would be a perfect medium — no driving, no planning (other than choosing any or all of the countless activities a cruise offers) and lots of time while at sea and between ports — and at night — to catch up with classmates in any of the number of different venues the cruise presents.

Give it some serious thought. IJune, 2009 is the target window … the kids are out of school, summer vacations haven’t yet begun in full force, it’s great weather down here and prior to the active hurricane season beginning … and perhaps after a long winter for many of us, the perfect time to get away.  
Friday After Turkey Day
Becky Tyke sent out a great email last night about a “Friday After Turkey Day Gathering” — which sounds like a great time (though I wish I lived closer than a thousand miles away!) and Becky’s email is below. I created a response section in the tab above this page labeled “Friday After Turkey Day Responses” as Becky suggested. Leave your RSVP’s on the Response page, and have a great time! 
Hi Class of 82,
As you can see I have a limited number of emails so it’s time to forward and post on the web site.  Lisa Tamblin and I had such a great time we wanted to keep the reunion going so we decided to have mini reunions in between.  We thought the Friday after Turkey Day may be a good day in case classmates are in town visiting family.  I found out where Trilogy is playing and thought that location would be most entertaining – The Black Rose on Ionia it is at 7:00 for those that would like to order a bite to eat, drink and talk then Trilogy starts playing at 9 and plays til 1am so we can continue to drink and dance the night away. 
Hey Tim, can we post this then have a response section so I can get a rough number for reservations?Talk to all of you soon, Bec
Contact Info
Lastly, continue to keep in touch, and especially don’t forget to send an update whenever your email, phone, or address changes. The Privacy Policy I’ve diligently adhered to will continue to be in effect — comment sections throughout the site are moderated, and your contact information will not be posted publicly. Your information is held in confidence for the sole use of updating you of future reunions, gatherings, and news. Send all updates via the Your Info tab on this web site.  Thanks! 
Talk to you all soon.
— Tim Jackoboice


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