February 22, 2008 D&D&D

Marion Kish and Al Supp have been generous with their time and efforts in arranging yet another mini-class gathering. By my count, this makes five of these in Grand Rapids since our 25th Class Reunion — fantastic!  (Sure wish I could make one of them!) Here are all the details Marion sends along:

Join us for a night of drinks, dinner, dancing and fun! You will not be disappointed, I promise!

WHEN: Friday, February 22
DRINKS/DINNER: meet at Forest Hills Inn, 6:30-8:30pm (a table is reserved in my name)
DANCING: Watermark Country Club Grille (a table is reserved in my name starting at 8:30-9:00pm)
MUSIC: Drop 35 begins playing at 9:30pm
RSVP: to Marion at: quilter@chartermi.net



One response to “February 22, 2008 D&D&D

  1. Man-o-man. Makes me wish I was still in Michigan. You guys are having ALL the fun!!! Well, maybe not all the fun – my hubbie won us a cruise! We have an all expenses paid, including air fare and all port taxes, etc (It was the grand prize) – 6 days, 5 nights Western Caribbean! We go on Feb. 21 – and I so can’t wait! It’s been so cold and nasty here, it will be nice to get into the sun and fun! How’s your family doing? All well I hope! Baby walking/talking yet?

    Its nice to get these updates. Maybe one of the gatherings I can make it to MI for! Keep me posted and thanks Tim!!


    Lord, help me to be grateful for what I have, and not greedy for what I want…..

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