Dan Beld, 1964-1998.

Hello all —
Many of you have asked about Dan Beld over the years. His tragic accident on Pike’s Peak 10 years ago this month still remains a painful memory for us as a class, with the sad events of that day only offset by the wonderful memories we hold of Dan as a person, and the great times we shared with him growing up and in the years that followed high school.
I’ve recently been in touch with Dan’s mom, Jane — she had visited our website and was interested in what we were all doing as a class today. She looked through our Bio Book here online, and Greg Mackey had also given her a hard copy recently.

This morning, I received an email from Dan’s brother, Ken, who now lives in Ft. Wayne, IN. He sent me a short bio of what Dan had done following high school, and details about his accident. Dan’s bio will remain here on our web site, as well as in all future Bio Books we put together in the years to come.

We miss you Dan. You were a great friend. You’ll always remain in our hearts and memories.
Thank you Ken and Jane for taking the time to put this together for us.
Tim Jackoboice.

Dan Beld – August 11, 1964 to May 3, 1998


Graduated from Michigan State, Packaging Engineering Degree in 1987. 

Worked in Grand Rapids from 1987 to 1990, Chicago 1990 to 1995, and Colorado Springs 1995 to 1998. 


Moved to Colorado to be near the Mountains because he loved Mountain Biking and Snow Boarding as well as all outdoor activities.  From his apartment window was a beautiful view of Pike’s Peak.  He lived with his girl friend Michelle Avallos whom he met while working for Empak Inc. in Colorado.  They lived together for two years and she had a son Frankie from a previous marriage. 


While snowboarding with friends on Pike’s Peak, Dan had a tragic accident when he fell from a cliff in the area called Little Italy.  The rescue efforts were hampered by the deep snow and the proximity to the sheer cliff side.  He was taken by helicopter several hours after the accident and was pronounced brain dead.  He donated several organs.


Dan was cremated, and his ashes were scattered on Pike’s Peak on the site of the accident.


(February 1998, Pike’s Pike, Colorado.)




One response to “Dan Beld, 1964-1998.

  1. I was happy to find a website rembering Dan. I worked with Dan at Empak and also journeyed with him on many many occasions to go Snowboarding. In fact he was the first to take me up to Pikes Peak. Dan was an incredible snowboarder. I was so fast yet always in control. I always felt very safe with Dan and his accident was not because of snowboarding but rather trying to traverse a section to get to another couloir. I remember the weeks leading up to that weekend and everday, Dan and I would call the toll gate on Pikes Peak to see how high that had plowed. Each weekend was a no go because we couldn’t get up high enough with car to ride where the good stuff is. Then one weekend I traveled back to Minneapolis for my cousins wedding and as you would have it, the road was good to go. I didn’t find out the horrible news until I returned home on Sunday night when Michelle called. I was shocked, saddened, and I remember just staring out the window after the call wondering how this could have happened. Dan knows that mountain better than anyone, he wouldn’t go out on the cliff. To this day I always wonder if I would have been with him, maybe we could have discussed the route options. Because I would have been with him, I followed him wherever he went because I knew he knew where the good stuff was.

    These days, I like to tell stories about Dan like when we went mountain biking in Crested Butte, Salida CO, Boarding all over the state and I like to think that not only did he help me improve my own snowboarding, but realize that pushing it to the edge is living. Sitting in your house watching TV is not. He passed doing what he loved and now his spirit is still there.

    My best wishes to all of the Beld family.

    Sincerely, Ron Schuman, Lyons Co

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