Comments from Chris Manos

Cheers Class of ’82:

I just wanted to share a just few words about Dan that many of you were not aware of.
Dan and I were close friends and we spent a good amount of time together in Colorado the years prior to his accident. We were roommates for 2 years (88′-90). We both started snowboarding/mountain biking in 88′. When I moved out to Summit County, CO in 92′, I knew it wouldn’t be long before “Double D” moved out west too. And he did in 95′. He was addicted to those stinking mountains just as bad as I was. Dan, Joe Knape and I had a great triangle of fun and friendship in Colorado for years. We boarded, we biked and we partied like we owned the state. What amazed me so much about Dan was his incredible stamina. Dan could party like a Rock Star till 2am, then get up at 7am and board all day like he was never out the night before. He was unstoppable!! The parties, stories, etc…..!!!

So, the next time you take a run down a mountain on a board, pair of skis, or bike, dedicate it to Dan. I am sure he would appreciate it. Bare in mind, if any of us had a choice of the way we’d leave Planet Fun, it would be doing what we love. At least I would. And that’s how Dano left. I can only hope to get that lucky!!
Dan was full of life and energy, and always………ripping it up!!!
Chris Manos


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