An Email from Rob Pease about Mark Wandas:

The following is an email I received from Rob Pease about Mark Wandas. Sad news, but something I’m confident Mark will fight through successfully, with prayers and support from friends like us. Feel free to contact Mark at his addresses below, that Rob included in his email today:

Hi Tim,

I wanted to let you know that Mark Wandas was just diagnosed with cancer. He had been having pain in his back for the last 9 months, then went in for an MRI where they discovered a tumor on his spine. They confirmed it was cancerous with a biopsy. He is going in for a full body scan on March 23 to see if it has spread anywhere else. He will likely undergo chemotherapy, radiation and possibly surgery soon.

He is handling the bad news with great courage, as you would expect from Mark. I was hoping you could pass the word on via email to fellow FHC classmates if you have that ability – or post on the FHC ’82 website. I know he would appreciate any support and prayers from his friends.

Mark’s contact info:

Mark Wandas
1050 N St. Vrain A
Estes Park, CO 80517

Rob Pease

(p.s. I asked Mark if he would mind if I spread the word about this and he was good with it)


One response to “An Email from Rob Pease about Mark Wandas:

  1. Hang in there Mark….I’ll check back with you after the tests Tuesday. We’ll be thinking of ya!

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