Great News from Mark Wandas

The following is an email with some great news from Mark Wandas today, that he wanted to share with the Class:

Thanks for all the well wishing. Good news is that the Cleveland lab said my biopsy in not malignant. It has really been a roller coaster ride for me.

I got the news that I had a tumor two weeks ago. Co-workers and friends said all would be fine. You will beat this. I was worried. Some of you were positive and said I would get through it. Someone told me “God just wanted to get my attention”. It was tough to hear, but as much as I was worried I was glad that all my back trouble finally had a diagnosis. The news of my diagnosis spread like a cancer. I had been to two different chiropractors, a massage therapist, physical therapy and a MD. It seemed at times like the therapy was working. For almost ten months I’ve had some ups and downs in my ability to play volleyball, play golf, and get moving in the morning. It took me a while to figure out that over time my back had steadily gotten worse.

By February of this year I could not wash my feet in the shower. My Doctor said I had been patient enough and ordered a MRI that showed the tumor. It was a hard way to start my spring break with my daughter. The doctor scared me by asking question like if I could stand or use the bathroom. Good news is I finally got some better drugs, a shoe horn as long as a yardstick and a sponge on a stick. I had a CT guided biopsy and was told it was Cancer. I saw an oncologist who said that she was not familiar with this rare type of aggressive cancer and would refer me off to the University hospital in Denver. My ex-wife went with me and with her hand on my shoulder we saw a councilor where we got help on how to talk to our daughter. I went in for a $10k Pet scan where they give you radiation (watch you for an hour to make sure you do not morph into the hulk) and then scan the entire body. My mind raced when the doctor didn’t deliver the results on time. They found the cancer had not spread. I told people who had been praying for me that the prayers had been working. Thank you all again for your prayers, support and concern.

Some of you even told me of miraculous stories where people had cancer and then without treatment had been cured. It was overwhelming. Meanwhile my biopsy went to Cleveland (the premier cancer lab in the USA) and they assured my doctor it was not a cancerous tumor.

Well, we could look at this and say that the bumbling doctors and lab workers in my small town misdiagnosed me all along wasting my time and money, or we could think it is a miracle. I don’t know the answer to that, but I guess we just have to have faith. I do know that my back pain has been a real pain in my rear. The MRI did show that I have a fractured L3 and two herniated disk, some pinched nerves and a tumor wrapped around my spine that will be hard to reach. Surgery is still the most likely option. So I am still keeping my appointment with the neurosurgeon. It has been nice of you all to send all that positive energy my way. It sure did help me keep a good attitude for the ten days I had cancer. I feel weird now, while not having had cancer but still having had so much of your concern. I just told a friend and he said, “No one is going think this is not good news”. I hope you too will see it that way. It was nice to hear from some of you that I had not had a recent or close connection.

I am not under the delusion that anything so far has been miraculous, but just in case, since those prayers worked so well, so far, I could still use some help getting my back healed. It will be nice to play golf and volleyball again. Maybe do some fun things with my daughter again. Stay around here to watch her grow up. So thank you again.

Thank you
Mark Wandas

P.S. Would this be the wrong time to ask to win the Lottery? Now that,
would be miraculous!


3 responses to “Great News from Mark Wandas

  1. Awesome news Mark!! Can’t wait for more updates to share with us all how the surgery was successful and that the pain has gone……..I’ll be looking forward to the next chapters in this story and will continue thinking of you each day until I know you’re back to feeling good again!!!

  2. Irene (Karaganis) Smith


    Aaaaaahhhhh! Thats a big sigh of relief,, for you and everyone who knows and loves you. The power of prayer is amazing sometimes! You have been in my prayers since Rob shared the email with us. We (I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone here) will continue to keep you in our prayers that you become pain free,, or pain less would be okay too, I’m sure. I have a friend who had the similar scenerio,,, first the news of cancer, then no cancer in her lower spine and surgery (by an neurosurgeon) to remove the tumor gave her so much relief (mentally and physically). I believe the same will benefit you. Please keep us posted.

  3. Debi Mlnarik-Olsen

    Dear Mark,

    I am glad to hear the most encouraging new diagnosis that you have received. Our familiy was given the news that my mom has lung cancer of which thereis no cure. She has received chemotherapy and radiation and is living with a positive attitude. I guess it would be nice if we could all live like we were dying before actually being told that. Since we are all here for such a brief time. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take Care, Debi

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