The following is a message received through the site from Kim Schatz — more good cancer news, or as good of news as can be received regarding cancer. In other upcoming news, rumor has it — coming from the soon-to-be-groom himself — that Jeff Washburn is tying the knot in June. Could it be that Mark Chandler’s and Eric Engel’s babies aren’t the last to be born in our class?

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I have been hard to find on the class reunions. Moved a few times and been keeping pretty busy, as I am sure all of you have.

October of 2009 I was diagnosed with stage zero  breast cancer. I caught it early on a routine mamogram.  and had a double mastectomy, being I inherited the cancer as a BRCA 1 carrier from my mother and grandmother.

Because I am BRCA 1 I also underwent a total hysterectomy and i am still currently going through breast reconstruction and also treatments for gastroparesis. I am doing fantastic however!  After so many operations and hope all of you are as well and good health!

I currently own and operate my grandmothers Saint Bernard kennel that used to reside on Cascade Rd just down from the school back in the days.

Hope to see you all maybe at the next reunion! Time seems to go by so fast.

Take care everyone!

Kimm (Schatz) Bettinghouse



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