Todd DeGreen: Heroic Rescue of 2 Men on Mt. Rainier

A great tribute to Todd DeGreen by the American Red Cross in Seattle, recognizing his heroic act of saving the lives of 2 men trapped in a crevasse on Mt. Rainier. A great tribute for an extraordinary act. Click on the link below the photo to view the video. Thanks to Pat Pullen, via John McIntyre (FHC ’76), for forwarding this great story.  — Tim Jackoboice.

(Here’s the email John sent to Pat’s brother Chris:)
“My nephew Todd who lives in Seattle was honored recently for a rescue he made while descending Mt. Rainier.  I understand “Hero’s Breakfast 2011” was quite an affair with some 850 people in attendance including major businesses and political leaders, there were several people honored. The Red Cross among others put together a nice award presentation including a professional video that they played at the ceremony.  Pretty cool!”


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