25th Reunion Intro

And so, in celebration of us, here we are 25 years later. We’ve all had different experiences in life; all the laughs, loves, sorrows, success, failure – and hopefully happiness all along the way.

We’re on different paths at different stages – some married, some parents, some grandparents, some going it solo but never going it alone. The lives we shared and intertwined with in our formative years and with whom we spent every day through graduation, we celebrate now. Whatever we were then, a part remains in us today. However we’re different, we shared our start in life at the same time and the same place – and will always be a unique and special bond between us.

We also had something else in common back then we couldn’t appreciate until now… we were young. We were full of life and wide-eyed at life’s possibilities, too …and yet, we still are today. Maybe with a few more lines and a gray hair or two, but we still have much ahead in life to challenge us, to comfort us, and to complete us.

It’s good to see you again. It always is. May you be well … may you always be happy… and may you always keep in touch with the rest of us, wherever life takes you now, and over the next twenty-five years. God bless.

— Tim Jackoboice and the 25th Class Reunion Committee


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