Class Missing


Anderson, Stephen                                                                             
Ballard, Chris
Banker, Mark
Bliss, Pat
Bloom, Julie
Boyink, Carol
Chauvin, Lisa
Conklin, Todd
Connolly, John
Cornish, Tom
Deater, Dave
Dilly, Rex
Duffin, Tressa
Fak, Tania
Fischer, Harry
Gaskin, Shawn
Goers, Robert
Hansen, Kim
Heukels, Debbie
Hietela, Jill
Hildrith, Sandy
Hipp, Karl
Jensen, Andy
Johnson, Michael
Jones, Sandra
Kline, David
Klingenberg, Mary
Kochanowski, Julie
Kosten, Cheryl
Kunelis, Paula
Laansma, Donna
McIntyre, Doug
Miller, Peter
Moerland, Connie
Morrison, Brad
Murley, Rich
Murphy, Dave
O’Green, Cheryl
Powell, Paula
Richardson, Bill
Rude, Kevin
Schatz, Kim
Schroeder, Ken
Sechrest, Jerry
Smith, Craig
Smith, Mark
Spielmaker, Steve
Stellin, Mitch

Tanajura, Marcio
Telman, Carol
Thomas, Ron
Thompson, Pam
Toppel, Randy
Townsend, Sharon
Van Iterson, Michelle
Vissman, Bridgot
Voudouris, Lori
Wallace, Scott
Ward, Dale
Weaver, Kim
Westdale, Chantel
Yob, Randy

Physical address but no email
DeHaan, Lee Ann
Gilder, Rick
Lane, Tim
Neeley, Jackie 
Indicated previously they do not want to be contacted about reunions
Spiemaker, Mike

4 responses to “Class Missing

  1. Is this list getting shorter? I love the new addition of the milk carton~

  2. Brad And Lisa Jordan

    Hey all — Sorry I missed you over the years & hope all is well.
    Brad Jordan

  3. Jordan, give me a call.


  4. Janine Seagrave (Keith)

    Sorry I have missed you all through the years. Life has been a rollercoaster for me and I’m loving it!!

    Last reunion I was busy studying for finals for nursing school. Hope I can make the next reunion.

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