Bio Form

FHC Bio Book Form

The deadline for your Bio Book form is September 30, in order to be included in this year’s book. Send them early!

Directions for downloading and filling out the Bio Book Form:

1.  Click on FHC Bio Book Form
2.  Click “Save” when the dialog box opens
3.  Save it to a place you’ll remember, like your Desktop
4.  If a dialog box opens, Click “Open.” If not, open the file from where you saved it.
5.  Fill out the form by placing your cursor in each box, and typing in your information.
6.  Click in the photo box at the bottom, and to insert a photo:
          a. On the Insert menu in Word, Click on Picture, and then click From File
          b. Locate the picture you want to insert
          c. Click the picture.
          d. The picture you selected will automatically fill the frame.

          … or simply cut & paste any photo into the photo box.

7.  Save the page, and email to me at

Feel free to create your own profile page, of any design or length.  The more creative, the better!

That’s it!  Good luck, and email me with any questions you may have.


Tim Jackoboice
8799 Muirfield Dr
Naples, FL 34109

Main: 239-591-3844
Cell: 239-293-7336
Fax: 239-591-8702

Even if you can’t attend this year’s 25th Class Reunion, we’d still like to hear from you … please send your Bio back as soon as possible, to be included by the time they go to print.  Thanks!


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