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Here it is!  The FHC Class of 1982 25 Year Class Reunion Bio BookClick on the blue underlined link here, or click on the cover logo below. Feel free to leave comments on this page, or call or email me if you have any problems viewing this.  And be patient … this is a large, 42MB file that will take time to download, and is dependent on your Internet connection speed. But it’s well worth it … full color from cover to cover, all Class “stats,” and all 70+ bios that were sent to me.  Enjoy!  Tim.


These classmates have all submitted Bio Book profiles:

Profiles Received (70 classmates)
Anderson, Sue
Baker, Amber
Baltutat, Karl
Barrows, Kathy
Berlin, James
Boonenberg, Brett
Brown, Lou
Chandler, Mark
Collins, Jill
Dailey, Jocelyn
DeFreese, Leigh
Ellis, Craig
Engel, Eric
Flath, Todd
Gallagher, Chuck
Gietzen, Craig
Giles, Skip
Girtz, Mark
Gring, Kevin & Lynda (Duff)
Gutting, Gene
Hansen, Stew
Jackoboice, Tim
Jones, Robyn
Kamp, Debi
Karaganis, Irene
Keizer, Steve
Kingsland, Annette
Kish, Marion
Kotrch, Kim
Lambert, Carla
Leete, Peggy
Manos, Chris
Marsh, Torii
Mead, Denise
Meyers, Allison
Millard, Andrew
Miller, Jennifer
Moore, Paul and Laurie (Miller)
Moushon, Caresse
Murphy, Jeb
Murray, Dave
Novak, Genyphyr
Ohradzansky, John
Pease, Rob
Post, Lori
Pullen, Pat
Schenk, Sue
Simpson, Melinda
Sims, Wendy
Smith, Eric & Laura (Sickterman)
Smith, Karen
Smith, Smitty
Supp, Al
Swanson, Tami
Tilstra, Shawn
Titta, Catherine
Tyke, Becky
Uecker, Christine
Uecker, Susanne
Vana, John
Wandas, Mark
Ward, Susan
Westerhuis, John
Wiggerman, Dawn
Wirt, Julie
Wood, Shelli


One response to “Bio Book

  1. Great job Tim – thanks so much for taking the time to put this together and even letting some of us turn in our papers late. 🙂 It was great seeing what everyone has been up to!

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