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Thornapple River Nursery
Please also see the class Bio Book Advertising page (in progress,) as we receive further sponsors.The above businesses and individuals have participated in the Revenue Project by sponsoring advertisements in the Class Reuion Bio Book, links on this web site, and this page. The proceeds of the sponsored ads above benefit the FHC Class of 1982, and are hereby members in good standing of our Class’ Green and White Club.

Revenue Priorities
All monies raised from June 1, 2007 through October 31, 2007 will fund:




































  1. A $900.00 account for Class Biography Book production – to be distributed free to all classmates. (The Bio Books and website will be used for advertising revenue);
  2. A $300.00 account for floral arrangements, given on behalf of your FHC Class of 1982, at funerals for every fallen classmate;
  3. A $900.00 upgrade from a DJ to live band, at the 25th Class Reunion;
  4. The balance in excess of the above deposited into the FHC Class of 1982 account, invested and used for reunion costs, gatherings, expenses and other class activity, only.








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