25th: Team

Reunion Chairman                                                                                 
Tim Jackoboice

Emails, Addresses and Phones Database
Karl Baltutat, Tim Jackoboice 

Class Bio Books
Tim Jackoboice, Jill Collins


Class Website
Tim Jackoboice

Hospitality Contracts Consultant
John Westerhuis

Tim Jackoboice
Friday Football Seats – FHC vs. Northview (last home game)
Dave Murray 
Saturday Pig Roast, Family Picnic at Cascade Park w/Egypt Valley CC Chef
Dave Murray 
Saturday Night Reunion Location: Kent Country Club
Dave Southwell, (Member and Sponsor)
Saturday Reunion Greeters, at-the-door Tickets, and 50-50 Raffle
Debi Mlnark, Dawn Wiggerman, Tami Swanson
Saturday Night Entertainment
Tim Jackoboice – Trilogy
Saturday Night Hors d’Oeuvres / Buffet Selections
Tim Jackoboice, Dave Southwell 
Saturday Night Class Photo
John Krueger
Saturday Night Party Decorations & Extras
Kim Fletcher, Barb Manus, Wendy Sims 
Saturday Night Photo Name tags
Tami Swanson, Dawn Wiggerman
Sunday Reunion Brunch – Thornapple Daily Grill
Tim Jackoboice
Sunday Golf Outing (pending interest)
Dave Southwell


2 responses to “25th: Team

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  2. Big plea to have those of you still in town to rsvp “yes” to sunday brunch! Tim needs 40 PRE-PAID to hold the event. We could see the “real” us ~ the morning after (he he). Marion: gorgeous, generous, awesome quilt! Cannot wait to actually see it. wk

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