25th: Budget

For those of you who are numbers-oriented, or philanthropically inclined, below is our 25 Year Class Reunion budget, which lists everything going into the Reunion … and why Class Donors, Class Sponsors, and receiving Reunion checks early is so important:

FHC Class of 1982 25 Year Class Reunion Budget
  Hors d’oeurves, Appetizers, Desserts, Pasta, service, gratuity, Kent CC room charge (Tim, Dave S.)
  1,750.00  Live Band – Trilogy (Tim)
     750.00   Sunday Brunch – Thornapple Daily Grill (Tim)
     583.59   Ice Sculpture / luges, 3 Ketel Ones ($88 ea) + tax, gratuity (Tim, Kirsten)
     476.83   Bio Books (1 per couple + .PDFs to non-attendees) (2-sided copies, color inside covers for ads, color inside back covers for ads, cover stock ream, comb bindings, tax, binding machine) (Tim, Jill)
     375.99   Decorations Committee budget (Kim, Barb, Wendy)
   360.00   3 Kegs (1 untapped) (Kent cost: $180 each) (Tim, Dave)
     341.17   15 dozen late-night slider hamburgers (Tim)
     300.00   Funeral Floral Arrangement account (Tim)
     227.45   Reunion Champagne Toast (9 bottles) (Tim)
     205.20   Pig Roast: Pop/Juice/H2O/$100 short to Cyril (Tim, Dave M.)
      189.71   Champagne-3 bottles, Bubbly Contest winners (Tim)
     140.93   Green & White Club Members banner (Tim, Barb)
     100.00   Reunion Valet service (Tim)
       80.00   Intelius search: missing classmates (Karl, Tim)
       74.00   Classmates.com subscriptions (Karl: 3 mos, Tim: 3 yrs)
      55.07   Envelopes, Stamps: to classmates w/o emails (Tim)
       50.02   Credit Card Processing Charges (Tim)
       50.00   Erv McLauchlan Class floral sent; reimb. (Tim)
       50.00   Name tags for Reunion (Dawn, Tammy)
      46.06   Stamps and Envelopes (Tim)
       26.50   20 to 25 Year Reunion Banner change (Barb)
       25.00   Cascade Park Resvervation for Sat. picnic (Barb)
       24.95   Flicker Website Photo Account Storage (Tim)
       21.19    Cash Box (Tim)
       20.00   Website – 1G (bio books, photos) – WordPress (Tim)
       20.00   Valet Tip (Tim)
       18.00   Class Account checks order (Tim)
       14.29   50/50 Raffle Ticket roll / Plexi-holder (Tim)

 $4,565.00 Reunion Tickets (Tim)
   3,337.95  Donations (Tim)
   1,250.00  Ad Sponsors (Tim)
      800.00  Sunday Brunch Tickets (Tim)
      165.00   50/50 Raffle Split (Dawn, Debi, Tammy)

… and this is why we depend so much on you as Class Donors, Class Ad Sponsors, and 50/50 Raffles to raise money to cover Reunion expenses. Our reunions are always a great time — but they do carry a cost.
Let us know if there are any areas you might be able to help, sponsor, or donate services, or visit the Revenue Project page on our website at: https://fhc82.wordpress.com/class-of-82-sponsors-donors/   

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again.

Tim Jackoboice.


One response to “25th: Budget

  1. Chuck Gallagher

    A HUGE thank you to all of you that have been involved in putting this awesome event together!!!!

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