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25 responses to “25th: Comments

  1. Chuck Gallagher

    A HUGE thank you to all of you that have been involved in putting this awesome event together!!!!

  2. Great job Tim – thanks so much for taking the time to put this together and even letting some of us turn in our papers late. 🙂 It was great seeing what everyone has been up to!

  3. Lynda Duff Gring

    The bio books pdf looks great! You did a fantastic job – thank you! Thank you so much for organizing this event for us. I’m proud to be in the Class of 1982.
    — Lynda Duff Gring

  4. You guys will have forgotten me by now, but I must say; not only have I been pleased to be included in all the information regarding the FHC get together, but I have and will never forget you guys and how great you were during my stay in GR. You treated a Texas guy very well and my time with you all has remained among the best I have ever had…if not the best.

    You guys are great, and have a great time. I would have liked to continue to be the quarterback (sorry Dan, and whomever) but moving all the time growing up stinks.

    My (very Southern) wife and I had the great opportunity to see you all, I guess 10 years ago, and it was her first trip to Michigan. She loved it, and I definetly miss and appreciate you all.


    Chad Hite (would have been ’82)

    Thanks Tim and Al Supp for keeping me in the loop. I hope to make the next one. Georgia gals never had anything on Michigan.

  5. 2:28 a.m. Wow, what a party! To see the culmination of so many efforts made and so many smiles of friends long remembered was awesome! Especially amazing was to see 1/2 of the people there (spouses) having as good of a time as those of FHC 82. Can’t imagine a more perfect party. BRAVO to those responsible!

    Oh, has anyone read the intro in the Bio book by Tim? Very powerful stuff. Thoughtful is an understatement BIG TIME. Happy trails to you, Cactus.

  6. Tim – All I can say is . . . THANKS! And I know you will immediately state that you did not pull off the reunion single-handedly (sp?) – but I do know that you provided the leadership, spark, and commitment to make it happen. I cannot tell you how much fun I had Saturday afternoon and evening. What a great group of classmates we were blessed to be a part of.
    — Dan Robertson.

  7. This was my first reunion and it brought back a flood of memories, but it is funny how time can distort old memories. Unfortunately, I had a lot of explaining to do with my wife after Saturday night, when she learned that I really wasn’t the valedictorian, quarterback, homecoming king, or class president as I had led her to believe over the years. And why did every conversation with a classmate on Saturday night have to start with, “you wouldn’t believe what your husband did one time in high school.” It was a blast – glad I was able to attend and help out in some way.

    The bio book made for some great reading on my flight home to Phoenix today. Hey Tim, get out there and live life a little will ya. Well, if not for the opportunity to shadow Tim at the start of reunion planning, I would have never understood the unbelievable amount of preparation required to pull off a full weekend of events like Tim and the others coordinated. Thanks again Tim for all you did to put this together – quite amazing!

    Hope everybody stays well until the next reunion.

  8. Now I know why my high school memories are all so great. I was lucky enough to have been a 82′ FHC Ranger. It only took 25 years and an amazing reunion for me to put the pieces together. Thank you so much for an experience my wife and I will always cherish.

  9. Reflecting on another fantastic reunion…please pray for us from Los Angeles and surrounding areas…I hope I have a home to return to…nearest I can gather the fires have surrounded us….starting the next 25 year adventure already….hugs…and thanx for the wonderful weekend!!
    keep in touch…

  10. Thanks again for your tremendous leadership and organizational skills. I know everyone had a great time! Hope life continues to treat you, Heather and the rest of the family well. God Bless!
    — Gregory R Mackey

  11. Just wanted to thank everyone that helped put the reunion together. It was a huge effort and a great time.
    I certainly left Saturday evening, after a great couple of nights of seeing everyone, disappointed only in the fact that I hadn’t made the prior ones. It was an experience(a good one….really) to see you all and wish it hadn’t gone by so fast. Everyone stay well. Looking forward to the 30th.

  12. Tim: OMG~take a break already!! You did an absolutely wonderful job….AGAIN!!!! I, for one appreciate it!! I like the idea of a 27.5 year reunion of sorts…maybe a trip to VEGAS?! Always deals to be had there!! Can you imagine all of us letting loose there?!?! Just a thought! You beat me to it but I would like to thank Heather for loaning us your attention the past few months and especially last weekend…Thanx Heather!! and girls! If you are ever in LA look us up! Nick had a great time~and again was amazed at our class! As was my nephew on Friday evening, may we never age! Hugs to you and big thanx to your family for sharing you!
    — Debi Kamp

  13. Tim, the reunion was great! Thanks for all the hard work you put into making it such a success!!! I know you had helper bees but the majority of its success came from you! You da’ man! —
    — Jill Collins Lang

  14. Had a great time!! It took days to feel better! Let Heather know I am so bringing my flip flops next time! I want to thank her for trading shoes on the dance floor!!!! Great job!! Look forward to seeing you
    — Sue Anderson

  15. Annette Kingsland

    Great job Tim! cruise….never been on one….sounds good! Sounds fun! I am so proud of everyone! It really was a neat reunion. When I told JJ about the cruise idea…..he laughed!
    — Annette Kingsland Ziegler

  16. Tim: I was sorry that I was unable to attend. You have done a magnificent job each & every year. I have never even seen the school since we left (in ‘82). I wanted to thank you for emailing Ann Sheehan for me. She & I met for dinner & drinks this week and talked for 3 hours. I am wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving Shelli Wood my email. Thank you for all that you do.
    — Robyn (Jones) Allison

  17. Tim you guys did an awesome job on the reunion. I can’t stop thinking about what a great time we had. Thanks for the recognition for the hot dogs. It wasn’t necessary. I was just tired of hearing my own kids complain about the adult food. I figured nothing could top the 20 year. I was so wrong. This may be the template for future reunions. The golf and weather on Sunday were spectacular. We were laughing so hard all day. Afterward we got something to eat. It was about 8:30PM, 7 of us at the sportsbar, you could tell no one really wanted to leave but we had to get kids ready for school on Monday. When I woke up Sunday morning I felt like I had a hangover….too much dancing and laughing. I told Robin if I knew I was going wake feeling this bad I would have gotten drunk. A 27 1/2 year reunion let me know the details so we can save the money. Great job. Thanks again especially to Heather as she was a great co-host. Godspeed.
    — James Berlin

  18. TJJ: Job well done my friend. Your superhero-like efforts and work were enjoyed by hundreds. A great leader serves well and you served all of us very well. Even Ginny and Joe’s mom would be proud. I’m sure I’m one of many thanking you for making the whole thing happen.
    — Mark Girtz

  19. Tim and Heather, It was great to see you. I had a lot of fun at the reunion – much better time than had anticipated. More later, just want to congratulate you on a reunion well-done. It was great. I say yes to a 27 1/2 year destination. Vegas is always fun…
    — Dawn Wiggerman

  20. It was awesome seeing you all again. With so many friends to catch up with, it was hard to talk to everyone as much as I wanted. You have all aged very well! Some (Karl B. and Chris M.) haven’t changed a bit. So what’s this rumor about a Cruise? I think all of us could pull it off. Of course we made need to start practicing the man overboard drills now…..

    Take care everyone! I hope to see you again soon.


  21. I have a Rangers Hockey 1981-1982 roster book that was left b/h on memorabilia table. If you want to claim it – send me a note or let Tim know and he can get with me on how to return. Also, wanted to send a big “THANK YOU” to Carla Lambert for sharing the picture of me from 5th grade! I know you didn’t make reunion NOR send in a bio sheet…didn’t know how to contact you to thank you. That was awesome and mom says hi 🙂 Take care. wk

  22. I ran into a couple of classmates last week, and they had a blast at the reunion. Thanks again for all your time and hard work.
    — Dr. Shelli Wood.

  23. Tim, I finally had a few minutes to spare and I wanted to thank you personally for your efforts (and those of the rest of the reunion team) in putting together a terrific party. I only wish I could have spent more time and gone to some of the other events. As it is, I had an amazing time. It was gratifying and wonderful to reconnect with so many old friends, and even make some new ones with people I hardly knew back in the day. Thanks very much!
    … I appreciate all the effort that went into the event, making it very special. 20 years was definitely too long a gap. I’ll be around for the next one, but I hope it won’t be 5 years before I see everyone again.
    — Andrew Millard.

  24. Hi Tim, Not like you aren’t overwhelmed w/thousands of e-mails from the best bunch of folks in the world. Well, I was just wondering if you were going to make mention of the wall-hanging or just put it towards the next one. It would be a shame to have it not be hung up somewhere for 5 years…so, if you don’t find it’s rightful owner, why don’t you and Heather keep it. Just for all the hard work, Heather is a very kind person, and as I said before, I will make a quilt for every event we have. I think it is a different type of memento whether we need to earn funds or not. This way, someone gets to feel extra special. Also, you have done such a great job on the site, if you ever need assistance, I am experienced in FrontPage and also my own blog. I’m willing to help, just let me know.
    — Marion Kish.

  25. Tim,
    You feel’n the love?
    I too, must say what a great time I had reconnecting with so many old friends.
    Truly, a night to remember! : )
    Looking forward to the next event…
    Where ever…Whenever…I’m there!
    Gracias! Merci!

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