25th: Contest

… for two bottles of champagne in October.                                 blkyfwd.gif

The two people sending in the most current emails for Missing Classmates, win!

Current Leaders
(Found emails in parentheses. Standings regularly updated. Tim can’t play. In case of ties, the person sending in the classmate’s email first, gets the “point.”)

30Karl BaltutatWINNER – Dom Perignon (Loren Andrulis, Jeb Murphy, Eric Gatchalian, Dave Deering, Jerry Kregel, Dale Udell, Kathy Barrows, Jim Sourbeck, Brian Hartig, Jay Greer, Colleen Murray, John O’Donovan, Jeff Ireland, Denise Mead, Ron McFarlane, Alicia Prieto, Leigh Siegrist, Annette Kingsland, Karen Smith, Louis Hansen, Carla Lambert, Nancy Niemi, Dan Stotts, Ken Klotz, Craig Ellis, Kin McKeon, Barb Klein, Shelli Wood, Ann Sheehan, Marc Fellwock)
 7Barb Manus2ND PLACE – Moet & Chandon – (Laura Sickterman, Eric Smith, Dawn Wilson, Sue Atchinson, Mary Ruiter, Susie Lewis, Arnie Matthews) 
Jenny Pullen2ND PLACE – Moet & Chandon (Sue Molotky, Gene Gutting, Caresse Moushon, Denise Covert, Amber Baker, Roger Blish, Debi Fredenberg)
 4: Debi Kamp (Lou Brown, Eric Engel, Andrew Millard, Debbie Heukels)
4:  Jill Collins (Beth Fase, Aimee Wilkinson, Lisa Bohner, Deb Fase)
3:  Christine Uecker (Allison Meyers, Susanne Uecker, Shelli Wood + 26 addresses & phones!)

 2Mark Girtz (Joe Knape, Matt Zupan)
 2Wendy Sims (Donna Munn, Susie Sullivan)
 1:  Dave Murray (Gigi LaCombe + 6 addresses)
1Sue Anderson (Dave Rash)
 1:  Leigh DeFreese (Cindy Walker)
 1Lynda Duff (Rachael Canfield)
 1:  Eric Engel (Jenny Hart) 
 1Kim Fletcher (Heidi Heneveld)
 1:  Irene Karaganis (Smitty Smith)
 1:  Laurie Miller (Kari Smith)
 1Debi Mlnarik (Dan Robertson)
 1:  Paul Moore (Todd Molander)
 1:  Dave Southwell (Jon Wege)
 1:  Shawn Tilstra (Steve Keizer)

 1Marc VanderWal (Mike Rink)
 1Mark Wandas (Craig Gietzen)


2 responses to “25th: Contest

  1. Seriously impressed with Karl’s efforts here !

  2. Paul Moore gets 1 point for contacting me…

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