25th: Golf

Please leave comments below if you have any interest in golfing after the Reunion Brunch on Sunday, October 21, 2007, at Thousand Oaks Golf Club in Cascade. We need a preliminary head count to know if we should plan this new event or not. It may be a test of our age and endurance, after a rather busy weekend leading up to it!

Thousand Oaks Website
Thousand Oaks Directions
(Sept. 5 Update: Dave Southwell has negotiated rates at $35.00 per person, inclusive of green fee, cart fee, and range balls … normal Summer rates: $85.00, normal Fall rates: $65.00 … so this is a fantastic deal. Dave arranged 4 tee times (16 golfers) starting at 2:00pm … and he can add more as necessary.) Normal Rates can be found at: Thousand Oaks Rates 
Thousand Oaks Aerial:
Thousand Oaks Aerial
Interest thus far (16):

Baltutat, Karl
Brown, Lou
Corson, Angela (Roggenbuck)
Gallagher, Chuck
Kamp, Nick (Debi’s son) 
Martinez, Susan (Ward)
Martinez, Tim
Pease, Rob
Pullen, Pat
Rasche, Bryan
Richter, Ken
Schoettley, Jim
Southwell, Dave
Tilstra, Shawn
Tilstra, Stacy (Possible)

Washburn, Jeff


9 responses to “25th: Golf

  1. I’m in for golf. Can I be paired up with Bob Barker?

  2. I’ll play…..but not well!!!

  3. Angela (Roggenbuck) Corson

    I’m in — weather permitting of course! I don’t like to play in rain (or snow either, this is of course Michigan in October!)

  4. Count me in for golf…..I want Danny Nunen on my team!

  5. Chuck Gallagher

    I’m in for golf as well!!

  6. I assume we’ll be using snowmobiles for golf carts?!?

  7. Ken — it’ll be cheaper that way. Don’t forget to also bring your orange balls, shovel wedge and 24″ tees…!

  8. I am up for golf/x country skiing

  9. My husband Tim and I would love to play golf.

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